Monday, 18 August 2008

Ethical Solution: make your own clothes

I have been looking for other ethical clothing solutions lately, other than just buying from ethical clothing shops and websites. After looking on the internet I found that making your own clothes is another ethical fashion solution. You make it yourself, so there is no worry about unfair pay and treatment of the workers making your clothes. Also, using ethical fabric means that you are not making a big impact on the environment.

Gossypium produce their own DIY Kits, which include all the parts you need to make your own smock top, short smock dress or long smock dress. All you need is sharp scissors, an iron and a sewing machine. It also comes with variations, so you can add sleeves and collars to personalise your creation. I personally like the Butterflies Kit, but there is 4 kits that you can choose from. Also, ranging from £19.95 to £25.95, they're a bargin.

Topshop wants your rubbish offer a free pattern and instruction guide to make your own shopping bag. All you need is to buy your own ethical fabric to make it with. Alternatively you could make it with old clothes or scraps of material you want to recycle.

If your getting a bit more confident with the sewing machine, then you can also make your own clothes either from your own sewing patterns, or if your not that confident, then from already made patterns. Try Burda Style for free patterns.

For eco-friendly fabric, you can go to Green Fibres, which sells organic and natural materials, however, much of this is plain neutral coloured fabric. Gossypium make a lovely range of organic cotton fabric that is printed with water based inks, they do particularly nice childrens prints. Bishopston Trading Company do a more colourful range of organic and fairtrade cotton. Harmony Art produce goregous printed fabric. You can also try Hemp fabric at Hemp Fabric UK, as it is far less destructive on the envirionment than producing cotton.

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