Saturday, 13 December 2008

Best Ethical Cosmetics

Over the years since becoming a vegetarian I have turned to cosmetics from animal-friendly brands. I actually became vegetarian fairly young because I felt it was cruel and I did not become aware of animal testing and that they may be animal products in my cosmetics until I was a bit older. At first I struggled to find products that I liked but I have eventually found cosmetic brands that I am happy to use and recommend.

The biggest help I found when turning to animal-friendly products was the BUAV Go Cruelty Free website. It lists approved products by the HCS, so the products or the ingredients in them have not been tested on animals. However, if you are searching through this make sure you tick the boxes that it is also approved by the vegetarian or vegan society as the cosmetics could possibly contain animal products.

My most favourite brand is The Body Shop! It seems to sell every kind of cosmetic that you could ever need, including make up, haircare, skincare, body and bath products. It is also very convenient as they have stores all over the world, including my local town so I don't have to order over the Internet. It is BUAV approved, so none of their products are tested on animals and all of their products are now 100% vegetarian.

For make up I also like Barry M and Urban Decay. Both of these brands products are not tested on animals, they are vegetarian and they also have vegan ranges. I use Body Shop make up for foundation, concealer, etc, but I like the glittery eye shadows and things from these brands for going out. In the UK Barry M products are available from Superdrug and Urban Decay products are available from Boots.

For bath, body and haircare I also like Lush and Burt's Bees. Lush products aren't tested on animals, their products are vegetarian and they have a clearly marked vegan range. Burt's Bees products aren't tested on animals, they are vegetarian and on their website they have a list of their vegan products available to download. I like these brands as the products are made out of natural ingredients. From Lush I LOVE the Bohemian everyday soap, I could not live without it! In the UK Lush is available on the high street and Burt's Bees is available from Boots and Debenhams.

I also like Marks & Spencer for skincare and make up products. They are BUAV approved but some of there products contain animal derivatives, such as lanolin, which are technically vegetarian but some vegetarians would prefer to look out for and not use.

If anyone has any other brands that they could recommend then please leave a comment!

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