Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I have just got back from my trip to France and it was absolutely wonderful! It was (mostly) lovely weather, beautiful scenery (nothing is 'ruined' in France) and such a great, relaxed pace of life. It was fabby and was just what I needed to relax after a very busy time at uni!

This is one of the outfits I wore while sightseeing. A long floaty black jersey dress from H&M with a vintage scarf that I got for £1 years ago and my old Aldo sandals. Very comfortable and cool.
The food was absolutely brilliant! We went out to loads of brilliant restaurants and had one of my favourite vegetarian specialities: Gallettes! I absolutely love them and there are so many vegetarian fillings you can have. They're so yummy with a mug of cider! We also seemed to have cheese with so many meals, which was also yummy. This is a light lunch at the pretty kitchen table.
This is the beautiful patch of lavender out in the garden that I would sit by on the sunny afternoons. It was always full of bee's working really hard! Inspired me to do a pot of my own lavender, which I will have to do.
Next door had some chickens that we fed our leftovers from dinner, they were so cute. They loved cheese rind and salad. It made me wish that I had my own garden so that I could keep a few chickens to lay me eggs. Maybe I will have to borrow someones garden?
This is the first use of my homemade skirt! I simply styled it with a plain black top and cardigan. The belt is one I picked up from a charity shop and I re-used the scarf that I wore with my maxi dress but tied it around my neck. I finished it off with my elastic strappy shoes, which I absolutely LOVE!
Go to France! It is brilliant, I really could see myself spending part of my life here because I haven't felt so relaxed and happy in ages! Just need some French classes to get me there.

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