Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I have just come back from a wonderful weekend in London (part of this years summer holidays)! I had such a fabulous time so I thought I would share a few photos with you.

This is the first day of the trip. We did a bit of sightseeing and (although you can't tell) I am outside Buckingham Palace in this photo with my trusty London pocket guide. I am wearing my elastic strappy sandals and using my new Cath Kidston bag, which are trusty items that I used for the entire weekend (elastic sandals are soo comfy)! My dress is Nomads it is made out of recycled sari silk and I got it from ONE ethical boutique in York.

This is a lovely picture of Buckingham Palace including the gorgeous island.
This is the second day outfit, I am at the tube station in Earls Court. My dress is from Oxfam's online store. I picked it up for £10 and it was barely worn, if you have time, it is worth having a rummage through this site! As you can see, I accessorised my outfit today with a large bruise on my shin that I gained when I was moving stuff into my new flat.

On this day we went to the Imperial War Museum, it's great because it is free to get in except for special exhibitions. It was a full day task because there is absolutely loads of things to see. We didn't finish it and will have to go back soon to complete it. We were so tired half way around that we went to the cafe which was very cute and was doing WWII style food, that they would have had on the home-front (I find the home-front the most fascinating thing about WWII for some reason).

I got a bowl of wholesome soup with some sturdy brown bread, a homemade jam tart and a good mug of English tea! RB also picked up a scone with mock cream (below) which we thought was a bit different and true to the 1940's as dairy was on ration. However, it was really not very nice.

I also got some great souvenirs from the Imperial War Museum which I will blog about a different time!

This picture is rather unflattering, but this is the third day. I am trying to decide between two things to buy, as my budget had dwindled by this time. I ended up getting the floral playsuit to the right, but I really want the dress to the left still, it has little white silhouettes of cats and dogs, which was so so cute! My outfit is less ethically-conscious today: Zara sheer T-Shirt and elasticated skirt from Marks.

We didn't do a lot other than shopping today. This picture hasn't come out great, but I went past a boutique in Notting Hill and thought their was a stuffed cat in the window. However it turned out to be a real (big) pussy cat, so lovely! It made me wish everyone could take their cat to work.

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