Friday, 8 October 2010


RB and I are both huge fans of Wagamama, we eat there more than anywhere else and we wish that there was one in the cities we live in so we didn't have to travel and could go more often. The great thing about Wagamama is there are quite a few vegetarian options on the menu. We usually order different bits and share between the two of us. I would recommend Wagamama to everyone, GO!! Whats your favourite dish?!
Edamame: really good for you and great for sharing between the two of you. Especially good with chili salt and soy sauce.

Yasai Gyoza, which I have nearly every time I go and share them with RB. Also, extra Japanese Pickles, yum!

Yasai Katsu Curry: deep fried aubergine, sweet potato and butternut squash with amazing curry sauce. It's served with sticky rice and salad, I love sticky rice, I could eat it just on its own and the salad has the most amazing dressing. My favourite dish on the menu!!

Saien Soba: I had this because I had a cold and it makes me feel better. It is a mixture of tofu, noodles and vegetables in an amazing stock, it tastes great! It is so wholesome!

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