Friday, 12 November 2010

Bonfire Night!

Remember Remember the Fifth of November. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot!!!

As some of you may be aware, it was Bonfire Night last Friday (5th November) so I thought I would share with you my festivities. Don't get me wrong, I like Halloween but I LOVE Bonfire Night and always have.
I love the story of Guy Fawkes. He was born in York do you know?

When I was younger we used to go to fireworks at local pubs and have parties at home which was really fun. Last year, I had no plans as I was in York and did not know of any displays so I wanted to make this year special and that means going back to my hometown!

I didn't actually celebrate on Bonfire Night, but on the two following nights. On the Saturday I celebrated with my two closest girly friends, H & L. We had a bonfire, fireworks and traditional food (chili on baked potatoes, toffee apples).

This is the bonfire that L's Dad made, pretty impressive? We didn't have a guy to burn, but I definitely will be making one next year!
These are some of L's fireworks. Not very big but very pretty. I love fireworks!

On the Sunday I went to Markeaton Park which has a FREE firework display every year, however I got no photos :( but they were good!! And I went on the fair afterwards, I got to go on the waltzers and dodgems!!

Also, thought I would add a picture of some abstract toast S, H's boyfriend, made for me after L's firework gathering!

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