Friday, 24 December 2010

Istanbul, Derby

Istanbul is a little gem in Derby! Some people don't like it because of its dated decor and because of it's location, some don't even know it exists. It is above the PDSA charity shop in Derby Market Place but you have to walk towards the fish market to get to it (perhaps another thing that puts people off?) It is not vegetarian, but has lots of vegetarian choices and the staff are very accommodating to vegetarians needs.

It is reasonably priced. The food is good. The service is great. As you come in they give you flat bread with a spicy butter and pickles to nibble at while your waiting for your meal to come. I always go with my two besties, H and L, we went last night for our friends Christmas celebrations where we have a meal, drink too much wine and get to open presents early!

This is a picture of our Starter: Meze! Only 2 of the 11 Meze contain which is great, so H & L polish those off and I get more of the vegetarian dishes! Even more bread is served with the Meze.

This is my little plate with vegetarian meze on aubergines, mint yoghurt, this chili thing, green beans, beans, a little stuffed filo pastry and tabouleh.

On the special Christmas menu they had two vegetarian options, but have around 6 on the menu in the total. I chose the Bahcivan Sote, which is mixed vegetables topped with cream and cheese. It was really good but so filling! I couldn't finish it all. All of the mains come with potatoes (which are amazing) and rice. You are certainly not hungry when you leave here.

After this we were bursting at the seams, but we still had dessert to come. The staff were very good and let us have a break. I did then forget to take a picture of it, but I had a mixed sweet plate which had traditional Turkish desserts and some English. My favourite was the Baklava and I would have a bigger piece of this in the future.

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