Saturday, 26 February 2011

Delayed Double Dress Up Friday (and Saturday!): 25 & 26 Feb 2011

Time for another Dress Up Friday Post, despite it not being Friday! I have a great weekend with lots of nice things to dress up for! On Friday (last night) I went to see the University of York's Gilbert & Sullivan Society production of The Gondoliers with my musically talented friend, L. I am not however very clued up on musical things, so I am glad that she takes the time to show me new things, so this was my first experience of Gilbert & Sullivan, which I enjoyed and found comical, especially with the adaptations in this production.

I didn't know whether to tuck in or not... but I thought tucked in was better because its quite a baggy t-shirt.
Floral T-Shirt: Swished
Skirt: pre-2011 High Street
And yet again the non-leather wedged booties from Asda!

My sister is here today and this morning we had sort of a half spa day! We got a 2 for 1 offer at Bannatyne Spa, so this morning we went there, enjoying their facilities and a facial & massage. I love spas and I feel so good now! I feel the combinations of water, sauna and steam sort of detoxifies your body. Then we went out for a late lunch to a pizza/pasta place. Now we are having an evening watching musicals! At the moment we are on West Side Story and shortly we will be watching The Rocky Horror Show! So for today's activities my outfit is smart-ish but very comfortable! Not a very ethical outfit today though...
Jeggings, Chiffon T-Shirt and Grey Jumper: all pre-2011 High Street.
Non-leather Studded Shoe Boots: La Redoute


  1. I love your first look- the black and white floral print is so unusual and pretty. The t-shirt looks just perfect tucked into your skirt. So sophisticated and classic!

  2. It is a friends t-shirt that she was getting rid of last weekend, so I swished it off her!

    I really want a better camera and a better backgroud (I have to rest the camera on my worktop in my flat lol!)

    Thank you very much! Hopefully more better outfit posts soon :) xx

  3. I love the black and white flowers. It's cool because it mixes girly with edgy.

  4. hey there, thanks for the comment on my post the other day. It was very sweet of you to stop by. You have quite a cute blog :)

  5. I love the first look, tucked in! So pretty. I'm following, I hope you follow me back!