Monday, 28 March 2011

Nail Polish S/S 2011

I love the trend of bright colours this season! As I am warming up to them, I am really trying to embrace brighter colours into my wardrobe, not just this season but for life. I think bright colours are so fun and they make such a bold statement. I have been thinking though, why just restrict this to my wardrobe? Why not brighten up my beauty products too! Starting with...

Nail Varnish

I love the Barry M range, it is reasonably priced and has so many colours it is unbelievable! Best of all, they're vegan friendly and they aren't tested on animals! These are my favourite 6 that I will be wearing all spring and summer. From left to right: Tangerine, Coral, Shocking Pink, Turquoise, Spring Green and Cobalt Blue.

This week I've done my toes Coral, they are so summery and happy now. Feet are so much prettier with painted toe nails. My nails are in cobalt blue, which I have had a lot of admiring comments about, some people thinking it is the new MAC Wonder Woman nail polish.

Whats your favourite colour nail polish at the moment?


  1. wow, hot colors :)))

    LOVE minnja

  2. cant beat Barry M for nail varnish. what a lovely spring selcection, X

  3. I love Barry M nail varnish! The only problem is I now have a rather large nail varnish collection and can't fit any more on my dressing table so I'll have to stop buying it for a while. I think the colours you chose look gorgeous. Thanks for the comments on my blog too x

  4. These colours are stunning- just perfect to bring spring in with a real pop! I love the coral especially. it looks like such fun to wear :)

  5. I want to try the tangerine and coral. I am in such an orange place this spring.

  6. The colours are jusr gorgeous, and it's fantastic that the polish's are good for the environment, and animals. As I get older, I'm getting more and more aware of making sure that my love for fashion and beuty isn't at the expense of the planet. Great blog.