Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Beautiful Easter Weekend

Have you had a wonderful Easter Weekend? I have! I don't know about elsewhere but England has had some absolutely beautiful weather this weekend, really sunny and warm, the sort of weather that makes you happy.

I had a great Good Friday! RB and I went on a glorious bluebell walk, his Mum had been talking about it the past few weeks and it was so pretty. I put us together a picnic, yes everything was shop bought, but it was lovely. It had some of my picnic favourites including: bread, cheese, salad, olives, crisps, danishes and a little glass of cider (it was a grown ups picnic after all).

The Beautiful Bluebell Walk

It was so warm, and we walked in shorts and vests, which is not the sort of weather you'd usually expect for an English April. The weather on Good Friday continued into the evening, staying warm enough late in the evening to have a BBQ. As it was Good Friday (and you apparently can't eat meat) RB, I and his family had a solely vegetarian BBQ (usually we have a meat and a veggie one). This is the first solely veggie BBQ I have ever been to, I left RB in charge of it and he did such a great job, no-one missed having meat (and I was the only veggie) and people commented on new things that they liked and would have again.

The Perfect Veggie BBQ: Quorn Burgers, Mushroom Burgers, Linda McCartney Sausages, Quorn Sausages, Quorn Fillets in Hot Sauce, Peppers, Portobello Mushrooms & Corn on the Cob. This was just the BBQ food that we had along with salad, potatoes, bread, onions and homemade coleslaw- yummy!

Easter wouldn't be complete without over-indulging on chocolate eggs. RB made an egg hunt for my all around his house with different clues and eggs. I still get eggs off my family so I had loads! I feel pretty sick now... I feel a May detox so I feel all fit, healthy and radiant for going to New York.

The rest of Easter was pretty good, meals with family, sitting in the sun and that kind of thing. I unfortunately broke my toe, but it didn't spoil the Easter fun!

Did you have a great Easter?


  1. A picnic sounds like so much fun! And and all veggie BBQ! Woo That's so awesome. :) All of the food looks great.

  2. Your bluebell walk pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Love the blubells! And the food looks really yummy :)