Saturday, 16 April 2011

Giant Cupcake!

I got a giant cupcake mould for Christmas and last week was the first time I tried it out for RB's Birthday!

 I am sometimes a little lazy with cake making and buy my frosting from the shop, but this time I made it all from scratch and decorated it using my piping bag set which I also got for Christmas. It is a plain vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream, topped off with blue butter cream. The cupcake 'case' is made from royal icing, which I did buy, but if I made one again, I would make it myself so I could using the cupcake mould to recreate the folds in a regular case.

It went down well with everyone, they were impressed but I think my baking skills need a little more practice, namely my icing skills and how to make my sponge lighter! Any tips? I don't have an electric blender or whisk.


  1. Aw.. My mom gave me one for my birthday but I've yet to use it. It seems so intimidating. :) Yours turned out great!

  2. Looks great and pretty gigantic too :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do ship to the UK and i will have new lockets in the future.
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  3. Wow. This looks pretty fanastic to me :) I'm not much good at baking, personally, so unfortunately I don't have tips for improving, but to be honest, at least in pictures, I don't think it needs any improvement!

  4. mmm. looks great!
    been working on your illustration today sweetie :)
    hope to send digi copy to you tonight or tomorrow, hope you like!

  5. That giant cupcake looks amazing!! You have a lovely blog, am now following =) xx

  6. at first i thought this was some sort of genius hat
    instead just pure-yum
    come say hello! xx jazz