Saturday, 14 May 2011

Out of the Loop!

Hello All! I have not blogged in so long! This is for a mixture of technical and university difficulties, life has been a bit of a nightmare lately! My computer broke and deleted uni work I was doing, meaning I had to complete it all in a week! I am back in my flat in York but I can't connect to the Internet and I have even more impending essays to hand in. Sob story over now! Thought I would just post a bit about what I have been up to lately and try and get back into the swing of posting at least a few times a week!

I have been...

Watching Make Do and Mend

This fabulous TV show has me and my sister addicted. It has wonderful money saving tips on DIY, sewing/crafting, food and much more! As my ethos is to be thrifty it is giving me some fab tips. Another massive bonus, as I looked for this picture I came across one of the presenters, Lucia's blog: BettyJoy.

Visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park

I promised to take RB for his birthday and finally got around to it this week. It was quite nice, it is quite a small place and you get very close to the animals. My favourite animals are the Meerkats and the Lemurs. Zoo's and things like that give me really mixed feelings. I love to see the animals but it also makes me a little sad sometimes, such as it was a cold day and I felt like Doncaster was just too cold for animals who are from hot climates and as this is a 'no cage' sort of place, the birds of prey were tied to their perches which made me a little uncomfortable.

Going on a Hen Do

It's my friend, as you can see from my tee: Wendy's wedding in June and we went to Manchester for her Hen Do! It was fab! In the evening we went to the Birdcage which has drag acts on which I loved, so good and so funny! She had tees and sashes made so we dressed up in the day and the evening.

Trying to start a detox/healthy eating plan...

...but then I ended up eating out and gorging. I went to Sakushi in Sheffield which is really good definitely recommended, if I'd had taken pictures I would have written a post about it, although I am little bit worried that my vegetarian eating out section is looking more like a list of Japanese restaurants. Also went for a curry where I indulged and had everything that I wanted, before spilling a whole glass of mango lassi on myself- I told you I was accident prone!

However, I am definitely back on the healthy eating and exercise plan (should I post about this?) in the lead up to me going to New York. I want to feel and look good, especially since NY will probably be a frenzy of eating anything and everything that I want to!

Doing LOADS of university work...

Only 2 more weeks now till the end of my 2nd Year at university! I have been doing so much work to finish essays and I am currently doing a communication module which is pretty intense. I am very excited for the finish which will include my 21st birthday, going to NY and then a whole summer to enjoy before my really very busy 3rd and final year at uni!

And Tonight...

I am going to see a play, which I haven't done for ages, called Be My Baby! I am really excited for it, it has had good write up and seems to have a heart-wrenching but fabulous storyline. I think it may be RB's first ever play, so I am excited to introduce him to a bit of culture!

I hope you have had a wonderful past few weeks!! What have you been up to?


  1. lovely pictures!

    hope you'll visit back

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    Can you follow mine?? Please??
    And, I would be very happy if you follow the twitter, too!! @_justforgirls
    Pink Kisses
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  3. Don't you just hate when the computer deletes your Uni work, I so remember that and it never ends when you start working, the computer gets you again.

    Good to read that you've had some other distractions though - some look like fun too - a hen night out :)

    I've recently been made unemployed, so have actually caught some of the Make Do and Mend Show.

  4. Don't worry about listing Japanese food places on my account, I love Oriental eating out recommendations! Visited Thailand last year to see my eldest son who teaches there (there were lots of Japanese eateries there as well as Thai!) and I sooo miss the food!