Monday, 4 July 2011

Cat Love

 I have in this past week moved from York, where I go to uni, back to my parents in Derby, so I can sort out where I am going to be after the summer. It has been such a great weekend, so lovely and sunny! I love nothing more than lazing on the patio, reading and playing with my cats. I am a huge cat lover and I am drawn to clothes and jewellery which are cat inspired, which is why I love this top/dress so much.

 Top: American Apparel, Shorts: pre-2011 High Street, Sandals: pre-2011 High Street.

We got our cats from the Cats Protection League. There are so many unwanted animals in the world, so we usually get rescue animals and give them a good home. Maggie, above, is so small and cute and she loves sitting for a fuss when I read and Oscar, below, is a hefty cat who still thinks he is a kitten and gets covered in gross old leaves and bugs.

What do you love to do in the summer? More posts to come now that I have unpacked my camera and laptop!!


  1. Awww the cat is just ADORABLE! <3



  2. Aww, I must admit I'm more of a dog person but your cats are well cute!!

  3. When I was a child, my parents would often adopt stray cats and feed them, so we always had them at home, but now as an adult as much as I like cats, I want to give doggie a home - when I move down to Wales, I am hoping this may actually happen.

    Hope you find some good distractions for summer.