Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My New TV Love...


As I am trying to make changes to my life and become more thrifty, my television viewing is now also following suit, with my new love of SuperScrimpers (available on Channel 4).

Miss Moneypenny with her team of superscrimpers want us all to waste less, make the most of what we already have and save money. SuperScrimpers also looks back at the thriftiness of those who lived during WWII, which I have always found fascinating.

I have become infatuated with this new breed of television program which show ways of saving loads of money. They have given me some great tips that I am eager to try out such as vouchering, DIY nail effects and even making the most of my banking; all so that I can save towards something which is more important to me.

Could we be coming into an age where thrift is more fashionable? I certainly think so, but it is also becoming necessary for so many of us. I love that TV programs are making this more mainstream, as we could all learn something from being a bit more thrifty in life and in my opinion, it makes life more fulfilling too.

I would really be greatful for any other TV program suggestions like this!?


  1. I dont think we get this series but I would love to watch. I love finding new ways to save money (so I can then spend said money on shoes). Maybe I can find some clips on Youtube!

  2. I am definitely ALL for thrifting! My mom has taught me a lot about catching a mean sale. I love to shop department stores at the end of the season. Can you say 75% off?!

  3. That sounds like an excellent show. I think thrifting is becoming increasingly popular, which is great because I love it so much :]

  4. what a cute little thrifty show! I wish we got shows like that here. Good for you for changing to be more thrifty!

    The House of Shoes

  5. Excellent post :o) Being thrifty is fun! The challenge to not spend money gets quite addictive after a while.

    My top-tip would be to write down everything you spend in a notebook. Tallying up my spending each week really gives me the will-power to keep spending less the next!

  6. I LOVE this programme! As a student I am always on the hunt for new tips to save money so this one is a definite fave! xxx

  7. I haven't seen SuperScrimpers yet, but the idea is just fascinating - there are so many wasteful things that we do without thinking and I would love tips on how to improve. Definitely going to have to check this out!

  8. Here in NZ there is an equivalent show called 'the Money Man' where this bulldog of a military man camps on your front lawn for a week and yells at you for wasting money. Very poorly executed, but a good idea in principle. My favourite tips for saving money are to eat at home before a night out, rather than eating at restaurants. And to look at online entertainment guides to see what's on. There are often free concerts/fairs/festivals on, run by the council or communities (at least in my city there are) or cheap 'rush' tickets for shows, so that you're not spending on entertainment. Also, if you're brave getting haircuts and optometry checks etc done by students. Students from the posher salons of course!