Wednesday, 18 July 2012

La Tasca

When the good people over at La Tasca asked me to try the vegetarian options on their menu, I jumped at the chance. I have previously enjoyed eating at La Tasca, choosing to dine there for two of my birthday dinners with friends and really enjoying the party atmosphere

The first thing that hits you with La Tasca are the bright colours of the décor, I love the yellow and the patterned tiles. It gives the place a real Mediterranean feel, even if the weather outside is dreary and typically British. The thing I loved most about the décor though was the pretty patterned plates, if I was less honest, I would love the take them away in my handbag (however, I would never do this and don't recommend anyone does!) There was music on in the background and this, along with the growing number of people in there on a Friday evening, gave it a really good feel. 

Tabla Verduras

La Tasca's new menu has 24 vegetarian options, prepared separately from meat dishes, all of which are clearly labelled with a V. There are more vegetable/cheese options but some of the cheese's aren't vegetarian. That's the only recommendation I would have for La Tasca, source more vegetarian cheese's!

My dining companion for the evening was my very dear friend, H, who has previously enjoyed eating out at La Tasca with me, but this time she was eating solely vegetarian. We order drinks and a vegetarian platter to start off with. What I would recommend, above any other drink, is the Traditional Sangria. It is some of the nicest Sangria that I have ever tasted and I always order it when I go there. The vegetarian platter was also delicious, I love the chargrilled beans and sunblushed tomatoes especially, this along with a few other dishes on the menu would also appeal to vegans.

Paella Verduras

For mains we ordered a portion of the vegetarian paella and a few tapas dishes to try between the two of us. I could not fault any of the dishes. The Tortilla was enhanced by a lovely pepper purée, which I was really taken with, as I wouldn't usually go for this dish. H was particularly pleased with the bean salad, complimenting how flavoursome it was and also enjoyed the baked aubergines.

However, what was most impressive was the Paella. I love Vegetable Paella, but I have never actually eaten it in England, unfairly writing it off as I thought it was not be as good as those I have tried in Spain. It was so so good though, full of flavour with really big chunks of vegetable. The Paella (along with the Sangria) were the highlights of my evening and I would definitely go back for this dish.

Berenjenas Gratinadas; Three Bean & Mint Salad; Festival of Mushrooms; Tortilla Espanola  (Left to Right)

We finished off with pudding, it was really good but I was so greedy that I ate it before taking a photo. I had the melt in the middle chocolate pudding which was beautiful and H opted for the Apple & Almond Flat which I had a nibble of, it was also very delicious.

I was overall very impressed with my visit to La Tasca and with the new vegetarian options on their menu, making it a more accessible place to eat for everyone. I would recommend people giving this a try or particularly to try it for a celebration, as I have before and others were that night, it was such a lively atmosphere that will not disappoint!


  1. I've never been to La Tasca, it looks and sounds amazing.

  2. mmm this restaurant sounds great. I think even my carnivore husband wouldn't mind eating there

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  3. Mmm, look yummy! Great photos :)


  4. I haven't been to a La Tasca before either, but that veggie paella looks amazing. Great review.