Monday, 25 March 2013

Nuffnang Blogger Meet Up- Melbourne

Last weekend I got invited to the Nuffnang Op-Shopping Blogger Meet Up!

The thing I am most proud of is my find of the day. This Vivienne Westwood cardigan for only $14- I could not believe it when I set my eyes on it and I have been bragging to everyone since. It's so bright and beautiful, as well as being perfect for the chillier weather which is now approaching Melbourne.

However, now on to the actual day!

We hunted through various op-shops in the Windsor area of Melbourne. I hadn't spent much time in this area before as I live more in the North but there were so many amazing shops and there's a great feel to the area.

I thought this desk was particularly beautiful- but large furniture purchases are out of the question right now. If it can't fit in my backpack- I can't have it.

I was also intrigued by the books in the shop, especially the one titled "$200,000 per year while vacationing in Europe" - How the other half live, eh? That's certainly not my reality as a poor backpacker eating ramen noodles!

My favourite op-shop by far was the Salvo's! It was so beautiful- set out more like a beautiful quirky shop than other op-shops I've been to before. This is where I made my purchases.

The days hunting was followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch at the Tyranny of Distance.

We started off with some really delicious flat bread with hoummus, red pepper dip and baba ganoush.

We the went on to really delicious stuffed mushrooms, saganaki and roast potatoes with a delicious paprika mayo, washed down with fruity mocktails.

Everyone who took part in the meet up!

Leeyong  Style Wilderness
Laura  A Little Boutique Near Home
Marianne  Esme and The Laneway
Cintia  My Poppet
Vicki  Knocked up and Abroad
Sharon 365 Reasons not to die with a full craft cupboard
Mary (Mezzy) Recycled Repurposed Renewed
Erica Recycled Fashion
Vicky I Love To Op Shop
Zoe Life of a Vegetarian Girl
Kate Vanity Project by Kate Iselin
Valissa Nuffnang
Berlin Nuffnang
Trish  Trish Hunter Finds
Maria  Sleekitone

Check them out and their fantastic blogs!

It was so much fun getting to go to a new part of Melbourne which I had not explored before and to meet great new people.

Thanks guys for a truly lovely day!


  1. Those mushrooms look very tasty - sounds like a fabulous day!

  2. So glad you could make it. Hey I had no idea the cardigan was a Vivienne Westwood! Nice one!

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  4. Such great finds ! In sydney you hardly ever get to find unique things just like taht in an opshop !