Saturday, 18 May 2013

OM Vegetarian Restaurant, Melbourne

Melbourne really has a lot to offer for vegetarian's and there  are a ton of solely vegetarian places to eat and most places being vegetarian friendly in some way. (Three 'vegetarians' in one sentence- that's how vegetarian Melbourne is!) Not only this, there are so many fantastic cheap eats. Great for backpackers like myself who are either broke or trying to save as much money as possible for their next move.

OM is a fantastic example of good cheap wholesome vegetarian food. They have two locations in Melbourne CBD. I happened to be walking past one day and seeing the sign, noting the words 'VEGETARIAN' and '$6.50 ALL YOU CAN EAT', I knew that this would be a place that I would want to be visiting. I went to following weekend armed with two none vegetarian friends who love a cheap feed.

For your $6.50 you get a vegetarian curry, a daal, rice, chapati and some chutney. It was deliciously satisfying, especially washed done with a glass of $2 mango lassi.

The portion was just the right size but being greedy and wanting to take advantage of the all you can eat aspect we of course had seconds.

This would be a great place to visit when your passing through Melbourne low on cash, eating as much as you can to keep you going for as long as possible. I know, because I have been in the position here when you're so low on cash that food stops being a necessity and becomes a luxury. You're getting up really early for your hostel breakfast, stealing extra bread for lunch and looking on the free shelf for any food you can find. I look back on these pleasantly though- definitely fun, thrifty and character building. It's amazing quite how little you can live off.

Anyway, side thought over, back to OM. The food was simple but really tasty. I loved it so much as Indian food doesn't seem to be as big here as it is in the UK and I have really missed it. Daal is one of my most favourite things to eat as well so the fact I could have as much as I wanted was really heaven!

Even the non-veggies loved it, which was a relief to me, as I did not once here: 'its good but it's just missing something'. They left full and happy saying it was definitely somewhere they would go again for a great cheap lunch.


  1. I'm yet to try OM out, but want to!

  2. I'm so glad you found Lentil As Anything and loved it - I'm looking forwarding to reading about it :) It's actually the only purely vegetarian restaurant I've been to in Melbourne but I'm going to be back there in ac couple of weeks so I'll definitely be hunting down OM, it sounds delicious!


  3. i've always wanted to try becoming a veggie but the temptation of meat and fat always gets me hahahaa. but this looks great!


  4. All you can eat Indian food for $6.50 sounds like a vegetarian dream! Although I'm not backpacking, we are living in France without being able to earn much money, so we spend a lot of time sourcing out cheap and delicious food :) So far we haven't found any curry that's quite this economical!

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