Saturday, 7 November 2009

Convenience Food: Marks & Spencer

Not everyone wants to cook all the time and sometimes all you feel like doing is putting things in the oven until they are hot enough to eat. I thought I would look at some supermarkets ready meals and see which is the best for vegetarian after having a convenience meal from M&S.

I like Marks & Spencer's food but it tends to be a treat because of it being more expensive. On this particular day me and my boyfriend went to get some dinner and bought a Broccoli Quiche, Ratatouille and Potatoes with herb butter. We had looked at their "2 dine for a tenner" offer but found that there was only one, very small vegetarian choice.

Although what we had was very yummy, the portions were very small, which was especially annoying as the meal was quite expensive. So I think Marks & Spencer is very nice and very tasty, but save it for a special occasion as it is expensive and you need to buy more of everything. One plus to M&S though, everything is very clearly labelled if it is vegetarian.

I would however recommend their fruit trifles and jellies which are vegetarian and very very yummy!!

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