Friday, 12 February 2010

Barry M Glitter Pots

Barry M produce a brilliant range on animal-friendly cosmetics, my favourite being their glitter pots! They do them in more colours than you could dream of and look brilliant for when you want to make your eyes look a bit more special! I always finish off my eyes with loads of black mascara and I usually damp my brush before applying them as it gives better results.

In this picture I have simply used a purple on the top lid and a silver under my eye.

Here I have used my purple colour to line my eyes and then made the line much thicker on my eye lid. I then added 'over the top' flicks from the outer edges of my eye before filling in the rest of my eye lid that was blank with silver. I lined the inside of the bottom lid with white eyeliner.

Here I have used a black silver for the main colour and then used the regular silver on the inner corners of my eyes and underneath them.

Here I have lined my eye with a black liquid eye liner and used a white eye liner on the bottom rim of my eye. I applied silver black to my entire lid and then used Barry M's glitter liquid eye liner to finish off.

Here my lid is covered in purple with small flick shapes to the sides and then I used black underneath my eyes for a smokey look.

Here I have lined my eyes with black liquid eye liner and used white eye liner on the bottom rim again. Covered the entire eye with silver black but then added dramatic flicks at the outer corners of my eyes.

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