Thursday, 18 March 2010

Family Recipe: Spicy Vegetarian Cottage Pie

My Grandma developed this when I first became vegetarian for when the rest of the family were having Cottage Pie. Everyone in my family loves spicy and rich food, so her regular recipe contains spices for the meat but this has even more spicy because she says that: "soya mince has no flavour!"

To make the spicy soya mince I first fried off a large onion before adding frozen re hydrated soya mince along with two cloves of crushed garlic. I then added a tin of chopped tomatoes, some water, tomato puree, chili powder and hot curry powder(to taste), I let it simmer and then thickened it up with a bit of vegetable granules towards the end because it was looking a bit watery.

As you can see in the picture here I topped my spicy soya mince off yummy mashed potato to make it into a 'cottage' pie and served it with roasted parsnips, green beans and gravy!

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