Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Introducing My Kittys!

I have recently come across a great blog as it was listed as a Blog of Note! The Diary of an Indy Grrrl. It is really cute and a fab read! I was looking through some of her posts and she seems to have a love of cats, which I can relate to! So I thought I would introduce you to my feline loves!

Both of them live at my Mum's house because I am not allowed them in my rented accommodation, also where she lives is nice and cat-safe with plenty of places to play! We got them together from the Cats Protection League over two years ago and have added so much joy to our lives.

This is Oscar! He is about 4 years old now and a bit of a chunky monkey (you can tell when he has jumped on you!), he likes going outside, playing lots and getting into mischief!

And this is Maggie, she is about 6 years old and is a very leisurely, elegant lady who loves human attention and likes to be inside (unless she is sunning herself on the patio!) She looks so big on this picture but is actually really small and light. She wasn't looked after very well in her last home and is partially blind and has a lot of teeth missing.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out : ) It's nice to 'meet' other cat lovers.