Monday, 21 June 2010

Meeting Other Vegetarians & Vegans

I don't have a lot of vegetarian & vegan friends, and I always think it would be nice to know more for going out for meals and having different events.

For me, I have looked at making friends on Facebook. I joined the York Vegetarian and Vegan Diners Club when I moved to York, however the problem is that the group isn't very active, so I have yet to meet anyone through this group. I also set up the group Derby Vegetarian and Vegans to try and get people to make links with each other, however, this also hasn't been hugely successful yet, but I'm hoping that I can get it up and running!

Another way of making friends with Vegetarians and Vegans can be through your university. Although I haven't had enough time to meet up with them yet, my university has a Vegetarian Society that meets and I am definitely going to meet up with them next term.

If anyone else would like to post about any groups they belong to it would be appreciated.

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