Saturday, 25 September 2010

Quorn Recipe Book

Quorn was on offer, 3 for £5 at Sainsbury's so I recently bought 3 packs and at the till I realised that on certain packs of Quorn you can get promotional vouchers towards a Quorn Recipe Book. If you buy two of these special packs and go on to the Quorn Website you can get the recipe book for £2.99 with two promotional codes.

I sent off for this offer and this is my recipe book:
I will post pictures soon of any recipes that I make from it!


  1. I've sent off for one, too. I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes in it. I never know what to do with the Quorn fillets, pieces, etc.

  2. It looks quite good! Not looked at it a lot yet, just flicked through. I am also looking forward to making more recipes with quorn, I only really use quorn mince to make substitutes of dishes like spag bol and cottage pie xx