Thursday, 23 September 2010

Decluttering My Life

I am what you may call a 'hoarder'. I love having loads of things, I love having all my stuff close by and I really struggle to throw things away. This means that I have a small flat, packed full of stuff, and a small room at my Mum's house which is also packed full of stuff which is so bad that when I stay there is only really room for me to sleep on the bed and put a bag next to my bed. As I am staying at my Mum's for a week I have decided that I have to be ruthless and get rid of most of this stuff, so that I have room to store things that actually need storing (like my tent which is living in my Mum's hallway).

So I am having a massive clear out sale on eBay over the next 2 weeks (or so)! If your interested, check it out HERE! New things will be going on regularly!

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