Monday, 11 October 2010

Eating Out in Cardiff

I'm back from my recent trip to Cardiff and I thought I would share with you what I ate while I was there. Sometimes it can feel difficult in a new city, you don't really know where is good to eat vegetarian. So I am trying to record wherever I eat when I go away in hope that this will help people if they visit the same place.

One of the main places I wanted to check out after a bit of research into vegetarian restaurants was the Vegetarian Food Studio.
It is outside of Cardiff and we struggled to find it. It had this great offer if you are a student in Cardiff, you can good loads of home cooked Indian food, delivered to you door for only £3.50! It is like a little cafe/shop and looks very pleasant.
This is an example of a Thali. I had never had one before so I was excited to try it. It included 2 starters, rice, a spiced yoghurt dish, green bean curry, rotli, a roasted popadum and a sweet dish. It was lovely, but unlike anything I have had before. Some of it was very hot for me and I like quite spicy food.
I had a lovely glass of Mango Lassi with the Thali.

This is my traditional Welsh Breakfast from a little arcade eatery called Garlands. It consisted of egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and traditional welsh favourites: Glamorgan Sausages and Laverbread Pancakes.

We saw this on the street and it was busy as we were passing: Wok Your Way.
They had a 3-step menu where you chose your base, additional things like vegetables and tofu, then you chose a sauce.
This is the veggie. Mixed veg with tofu and garlic & black pepper sauce. It came in lovely boxes like on films and we ate with chop sticks.
This is such a good place to grab something to eat on the go.


  1. Yay as a Welsh lass I am so pleased to see that Welsh eateries are starting to showcase lava bread and in a pancake too. Delightful.

  2. Mango lassie looks delicious. Nice blog.

  3. The pancake was really tasty, I was a bit suspicious at first but it was really nice to get something that felt traditionally Welsh. RB was born in Cardiff and spent some of his early childhood their so he really enjoyed sampling some Welsh Specialities.

    Thank you Sanjeeta kk! It was a really lovely meal and I love Mango Lassi so much, I have it whenever I can!