Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Vegetarian Christmas by Rose Elliot

I love Rose Elliot recipe books and this is a great addition to your book collection to help you produce great vegetarian Christmas meals. I love the front cover as it makes Christmas pudding (something I'm not fond of) look so yummy!!

It has helpful tips of things you can do before Christmas, so that you aren't stressed out on the day. Meals plans for the perfect Christmas Day feast and also party food ideas for other occasions when you may have people around like Boxing Day and New Years Eve.

Although I don't do that much cooking around Christmas as I go to various family and friends for the day. It does have useful recipes for all year around and it is waiting to be used when I get to be the Christmas host!

1 comment:

  1. Rose Elliot is the Queen of Vegetarian Cooking in the U.K and no one has been able to knock her off that spot!

    This is perhaps my favourite vegetarian Christmas cookbook. One of my favourite recipes is the parsley mashed potato starts.

    Hope you have a merry and lovely Christmas with you family.