Monday, 13 December 2010

VG Gift Idea #3

Vegetarian Girl Gift Idea #3- Charitable Gifts!!

Christmas can be very commersialised and sometimes we can forget to think about others less fortunate than overselves. A thoughtful gift idea this Christmas would be to give to others with the money you would spend on a special someone's gift.

Oxfam Unwrapped have a great range of practical solutions for people in the developing world. For example: you can buy a family a goat, help give safe drinking water to a village, or send a child to school. You receive a gift card for your donation which you can then give to your loved one. Oxfam also have an gift shop where you can also buy fairtrade gifts for others!

Alternatively, for animal lovers, you could adopt an endangered animal for them from WWF. They will receive a cuddly toy version of their animal, leaflets about the animal and updates on how the animal is doing 3 times a year. I think this is especially a lovely gift for children.

There are so many options for you to give to a charity that you support! At Charity Gifts UK there is huge number of charity gifts to choose from: a letter from Santa from the NSPCC, memberships to the National Trust, gifts from Cancer Research UK, sponsor a puppy to become a guide dog and many more!

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