Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Burns Night Bake!

This evening is Burns Night, more about Burns Night and Supper. I have made my own variation of a Burns Night Supper with a Burns Night Bake! An idea I came up with on Monday during my lectures!

Traditionally on Burns Night you would have Haggis (you can get vegetarian recipes) with Tatties (potatoes) and Neeps (swede or turnip- depending on where you live). Instead of Haggis, I decided to make savoury mince. Its rather like a Vegetarian Shepherds Pie, however, there is a layer of swede between the mince and potato.
I didn't follow all the traditions, no sherry or whisky, no trifle or cheese, perhaps next year, as I am a bit of a novice at celebrating Burns Night but I am rather impressed with my bake for this year!


  1. Your Burns Night Bake looks rather splendid and comforting too. I think its a great way to use an under-rated veg: Swede.

    Although I have had good intentions of making the dessert cranachan a number of times, I just haven't got round to actually doing it for Burns Night or St Andrews. I may make it in the Summer when raspberries come into season.

  2. Shoulds yummy! I love to embrace Scottish-ness!x