Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dress Up Friday: 14/01/11

Dress Up Friday! What a great idea right? Instigated by the Wonderful Ms Wanda from Ms Wanda's Wardrobe, it is in contrast to Dress Down Friday. She is right, Friday deserves better!
Friday is my favourite day, it is hopeful, exciting, you can't wait to live out all the plans you've been making since last weekend. So from now on, I will be dressing up every Friday. Another benefit, is you can go straight from work, uni, whatever your doing and out onto your Friday evening plans. I love work to bar looks.

Didn't have a lot to do today, currently writing essays for uni, so I popped to uni yesterday (why the parka is required) and then in the evening my friend, L, came around for a Chinese curry, plenty of wine and silly films.
Parka: pre-2011 High Street
Leopard Print Blouse: pre-2011 High Street
Shorts: pre-2011 High Street
Vegan Belt: Bourgeois Boheme
Non-Leather Shoe Boots: La Redoute


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you've joined me. Be great to get a whole thing going here and we can link between blogs. Wasn't going to do it next week as I'm away but now you've inspired me to keep going. THANK YOU!!

  2. I think it would definitely be great if more people starting doing it! I'm excited for your next DUF post!x