Monday, 17 January 2011

Spring & Summer 2011

Do you ever write lists? I find myself doing it all the time: shopping lists, to do lists, lists to keep track of my finances. This time I am writing a list of items that I feel I need for my spring and summer 2011 wardrobe. 
I read on a blog, although I cannot remember which, that making lists is a great way to stay focused and avoid impulse buys, which I definitely need. I am trying to build my ethical capsule wardrobe and I do not want to over fill it with unnecessary things, as its not very green!

Whats on your wish-list for your 2011 spring/summer wardrobe?


  1. I love making lists! It sounds silly, but I do... my short term memory is awful, which is why I started listing things, but it's turned into something oddly therapeutic. And it definitely does help you focus- this spring I'm wishing for a pair of flat boots that don't look like Doc Martens. So far, no luck :(

  2. I write lists ALL the time! It's the only way to keep up with everything haha <33

    xx Bonnie

  3. I also have a brain like a sieve! If I don't write it down I just stress about trying to remember it lol x