Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sunday Dinner

I have had such a lovely weekend and beginning to the week. I cooked a proper Sunday dinner, which is something I am trying to get into. I usually cook fairly quick and simple food because I live on my own, but on a Sunday I am trying to make a hearty meal and pudding. It is so much nicer though when you have others to cook for or to go out for dinner with. So the first picture of me is in my apron, slaving over a hot stove. Another nice thing I did was see Black Swan, such a dark film but wonderful!

Jeans: pre-2011 High Street
White Blouse: pre-2011 High Street
Biege Cardigan: Swished!
Socks: pre-2011 High Street


  1. I only get 'fancy' when cooking for friends/family, it is nice to cook bigger meals for more people.
    I love your apron!

    In regards to your question about which Jules Verne book to start with, I began with Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and it such an exciting tale, it made me want to read more of his books, so I guess that's a good place to start! :)
    I would love to visit where he is from one day.

  2. I love for cooking for family and friends, although I always feel very self concious and worried about if they'll like it.

    I think I will have a go at reading Jules Verne, very excited! The whole area of Bretagne is so beautiful and worth a visit. I feel so lucky I can go there every year!