Thursday, 3 February 2011

Quick, Easy & Simple Green Bean and Pea Curry!

During the week, I am pretty lazy vegetarian, I eat simply and healthy but I like things that are cheap, easy, quick and use as little kitchen equipment as possible! Being a poor student, quite often I have to improvise with things that I have to hand, I tend to eat well of the weekend and more cheaply during the week. Today's improvised recipe is inspired by green bean curry I had when I visited Cardiff, which also contained peas.

 Ingredients: tsp lazy garlic, two tsp curry powder, half a tsp of this special chili and coriander chutney that I get from a Derbyshire countryside pub, half a tin of chopped tomatoes, frozen peas, tinned green beans and half a chopped onion.

  1. I fried a chopped onion in olive oil until tender, added the garlic, chutney and curry powder. I added a little water to prevent it burning.
  2. I then added the green beans and peas, frying them off a little before adding the chopped tomatoes and a little more water (I like my curry with a lot of sauce).
Two steps! How simple and fabby! Perhaps not a sophisticated dish but a great student dinner!


  1. Looks great actually :)) Thanks for the good luck wishes! :) Yeah, I applied to York, too. But UCL is my first choice for sure - if I get in. But I really hope I will.

  2. I was suprised about how good it was, especially because it was all bits I have in my store cupboard! Good Luck xx