Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Derby Square

This evening I have been to see John Bishop (very good if you like rude northern comedy, which I do) at the Assembley Rooms in Derby (quiet possibly the ugliest theatre in the UK, click on the link for proof). It is situated in Derby square, which isn't all ugly, my pictures are taken outside of the Quad (which is fab) and the other side of square is prettier.

Grey Blazer: pre-2011 High Street
Black Trousers: pre-2011 High Street
Black Top: People Tree
Stripey Socks: pre-2011 High Street
Silver Scarf: Borrowed
Black Heels: Non-leather pre-2011 High Street

It is so nice to be back in the town that I grew up, I know that I will be bored of it soon, so I'm savouring enjoying being here.


  1. Thank you so much, I love being at home so I can borrow things off my sister!