Monday, 14 March 2011

Purchasing Ethical Hosiery

My selection tights and socks are looking pretty meager at the moment... I seem to have various regular black tights, a pair of red tights and a pair of stripy thick grey tights, that is about it. The others, my pink and purple ones, my black crochet ones, they all seemed to have got holes in so I can't get away with wearing them now, this is something I find rather annoying about tights. I'm not doing well for socks either, I have none that are pretty enough to wear beyond the confines of trousers and shoes. However, the tights and socks we wear can completely change an outfit. They can subtly blend in with the outfit or they can make a bold statement about our style. I want my hosiery to be able to do both of these things!

As it is now 2011, and I have made oaths that all of my clothing items have to have an ethical credential to them, which does make things interesting and makes me feel happier. I fear it will become a bit of a strain when it comes to the smaller things like underwear and hosiery, which are actually come of the most important things really. However, then I realised American Apparel! It was so simple! They do amazing basics, like tops and tights in loads of colours and they're ethically made in their LA factory. I feel like I now never have to worry about finding ethically made basics. The only challenge I have to tackle now is practical and pretty underwear, although I am not sure if I am ready for that.

As you can see from the above magazine article, I have been inspired by the spring/summer 2011 pull to bright colours and my new tights reflect that! I sometimes have a bit of a habit of sticking to black and grey, they are great colours, but I want to introduce more colour and patterns into my wardrobe. My pretty new tights are below, do you like?


  1. Goodness, all ethical clothing? Congratulations! I know I wouldn't be able to do it myself; I could never give up my favourite stores (none of which, I'm sure, are the least bit ethical, although I do hope they aren't among the major offenders.) Good for you! I love these tights, particularly the dark blue ones; the shade is so flattering but so different from basic black!

  2. I'm not giving up the clothes that I already have that aren't ethical, because I feel that would be a waste, but new purchases have to have meet one of the criteria off this list:

    I have been gravitating towards ethical fashion and animal-friendly beauty, so I thought why no make it permanent? It makes things pretty interesting, look for new designers and searching out clothes, also I think you find more indiviual and one off things.

  3. Love the colors you chose! I'm obsessed with tights. I have way too many, and I can't stop buying them.

  4. I am starting to feel the tights addiction too! Want even more and next plan for orange and purple, pattern ones look great too. Love tights!