Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring Time!

The past few days have really felt like Spring! Until now it has been too cold and the weather too temperamental to give me the exciting feeling that comes with spring.

Beautiful daffodils in my living kitchen. They make me so happy and really give the place a spring feel!

There are so many things I love about spring!
I love the flowers. Spring flowers are the prettiest and make everywhere look so cheerful.
I love spring cleaning, opening all the windows and letting the fresh spring air into my flat.
I love being able to go outside without a coat.
I love hanging my washing outside.
I love the sunshine coming through my window in the morning.
I love the excitement that it will be summer soon and I can have bare legs again.

Today I enjoyed the spring weather by going for a walk in the beautiful York countryside with some other students off my course, we stopped and had pub grub in the beautiful village of Newton-on-Ouse. I came home and did some spring cleaning (TBC tomorrow), yummy Chinese food and a movie!


  1. Its amazing how a season can change your whole demeanour. Your daffodils are lovely. I'm still waiting for the daffys here to open up.

    I too love hanging my clothing out to dry.

  2. spring really is the best time of year. I too love opening all the windows and feeling the breeze, nothing beats falling asleep to a cool breeze

  3. We are going into Autumn here in Australia, I always feel strange looking at the lovely spring photos while I am experiencing colder weather and leaves falling!
    I love the daffodils, aren't flowers in the home so uplifting.
    Chinese food and a movie = Best!

  4. funny, I love the same things about spring! (except hanging my laundry outside, the neighbors wouldn't like it :)

    P.S. I'm a vegetarian too - looking forward to keeping up with you!

  5. aww i saw daffs whilst on the train this morning so pretty and spring like, the weather was lovely to!

  6. The change of season really does change everything, doesn't it? It rains all winter where I live, and my whole outlook on life changed Saturday morning when I woke up to see the sun shining :) Those daffodils are lovely, I think I'll have to get myself some!

  7. I love flowers too, and daffodils are sooo lovely! I am so happy it's spring and we'll see lots more flowers!

  8. Spring time sort of just revives me, from a time in winter when I juat feel like cuddling in bed all the time!x