Thursday, 28 July 2011

Swishing, Borrowing, Preloved & Vintage


Swishing, Borrowing, Preloved, Vintage... all eco-friendly because of a similar principle: reducing your carbon footprint and reducing waste!

By buying preloved (second hand) or vintage, you are literally halving, or perhaps even more, the effect the item would have on your carbon footprint new.


You are doing the same by Swishing (as well as getting new items for free) and you are giving another life to clothes which may have ended up in the bin.

Borrowing is a similiar principle and just makes good sense! I often borrow formal dresses and share mine out to friends. Otherwise you can end up buying so many dresses that you only wear once!

Ever since I have started embracing these four options it has really changed things for me. I have more options of what to wear and I make great savings from buying preloved. I really love going into charity shops, they are full of hidden treasures if you're willing to hunt and look through the racks full of clothes, or alternatively at Oxfam online.

What is your favourite second hand treaure?


  1. favorite thrift store find would have to be a nave blue wool coat from a local department store that went out of business 20+ years ago. It was absolutely beautiful, in like-new condition, and I literally paid next to nothing for it!

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  2. SO TRUE! I love finding rare gems at Op-Shops. Sometimes they are hard to come by in my little town but luckily there are many new ways to buy used items these days! One of the shops here will take in old clothes and transform them into pieces I could never have even imagined. :)

  3. I adore charity shop shopping. Especially when you know where to go OR in london going to mayfair/up market places charity shops. x hivenn