Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Glamour in Travelodge

I have been a very busy bee lately and there has been a lot of change in my life, not leaving a lot of room in my life for blogging. I have missed it though and this is my official return to blogging!

Last weekend I went to London for a overnight stay for a friends birthday and to see friends who are in and around London. These pictures are taken at the lovely Southwark Travelodge, which is really quite good, especially for the price. In these photos I feel I am showing the delightful facilities of the room, in a Travelodge Advert-esque way.

As I have said there have been a lot of changes lately, some sad, but now ok and some happy. My boyfriend, RB and I broke up, which has been really sad, but I'm ok and I am trying to stay positive, seeing this like a new chapter in my life. I feel like whatever happens, there are great things to come for me in life.

I got myself a full-time job for the summer, in an office, like a proper grown up! I have to dress smart and be there all day. For some this may seem normal, but it is quite a novelty for me as I am used to working part-time unsociable hours while I am at uni. It is quite tiring and it's strange having less spare time. It is preparing me though for my final year of uni though, when I'll be on a tiring full-time placement and when I have to grow up and work for real- not quite ready for that though!

 Dress: Borrowed, Cardigan & Sandals: pre-2011 High Street, Non-Leather Quilted Bag: ASOS.

Big woop for borrowing!!

Writing it down it doesn't seem like a lot...  but working is tiring! I have been seeing a lot of friends too! I have taken up quite a few crafts, like knitting, sewing and hopefully soon embroidery. I have been doing car boot sales to sell my old stuff and I have found a real love for this, I love chatting to people and selling things every so often. It has inspired me to sell my homemade wares. I have also got to get serious about my dissertation soon, but I keep dreaming about travelling and moving to London. Promise I will get serious soon, I want to get a good grade so it's easier for my dreams to come true.

So did you miss me?

I'd love to hear from you guys about what's going on with you!! 


  1. Cute outfit! And good attitude about the break up x

  2. love that collar. Congrats on the job and joining the adult workforce :)

  3. I visited once travelodge in edinburgh and I was extremely satisfied with the quality of their rooms! good luck with your placement!the first time I worked was quite difficult for me too!
    ps)So how does it work with car boot sales? do you just go on the day with your stuff?

  4. Zo thank you for answering to me! I went to a car boot sale last week in London actually (it was the first time for me...I didn't even know the term before :P) and I will be moving soon so I was thinking whether I could let some of my stuff go!
    I totally recommend 30 for 30!you learn so many things about your wardrobe!for a looser version of that I am now doing the 21-days challenge from Freckles in April. Take a look and join in if you want!

  5. your header is so cute and i love the peter pan collar!!

    <3 steffy
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