Monday, 5 September 2011

Darley Park Concert 2011

Every year Darley Park has a free classical concert and fireworks for the people of Derby (and whoever else wants to come) which attracts a huge amount of people, no matter what the weather. I always go every year, armed with blankets and a picnic, you can see last years post here. For me, it sort of symbolises the end of the summer and it is so great to get everyone together before they go back to uni and work.

This year we had an army of people going, inviting anyone who wanted to come as it is so nice to get together. I encouraged everyone to bring something, my friend L made a cheese cake for dessert and my soon to be housemate, T, brought bread and olives. H bought some very lovely cheese sandwiches with chutney. My contribution was the main part of the meal, as I seemed to be the only person not doing something Sunday daytime.
This is what I did:

Mini Onion & Goats Cheese Tarts

 I used bought pastry as I'm a cheat! I rolled it on and used a circle cutter, using a cupcake tin to form the tartlet cases. I blind baked for ten minutes. Meanwhile, I fried 3 large onions, finely chopped in olive oil. When they are starting to caramelise, I added brown sugar and balsamic vinegar. Then assemble the tarts by adding a teaspoon or two of the onions and topping with a little slice of goats cheese, before baking again until the cheese is browned.

Potato Salad

So simple! Slice potatoes and boil until cooked. Drain and leave to cool. Add to a mixing bowl with finely chopped red onion and radishes and stir in free-range egg mayonnaise. Finish off with plenty of ground black pepper.

Rainbow Salad

Also very simple. Chop cucumber, tomato and celery until small chunks. Add a drain tin of sweetcorn. Make a dressing our of equal parts of olive oil and white wine vinegar, 1 clove of crushed garlic and black pepper, stir and pour over the chopped salad.

And the fireworks...

I do enjoy the music at Darley Park Concert too. It tends to be popular classical music, and last night they had a singer, who also did show tunes. My very favourite part is the fireworks at the end and they get better and better every year! I love how the compliment the classical music to the fireworks. This year, when we thought it was all over we got even more fireworks. I find them mesmerising and it's made me all excited for Bonfire Night already!!


  1. This sounds cool! Your picnic sounds lovely and your additions look great! xx

  2. buying premade pastry is so not cheating :)

  3. YUM. Your picnic choices look amazing. They are simple and delicious. I want to make them all for my lunches I bring to work. Glad you had a nice time! :)

  4. yum! goat cheese is one of my favorites, so i'm sure those tartlets would be divine! i'm actually quite excited for xmas break, i'll be visiting a friend in france who lives in a town that's known for their goat cheese and wine :)

    p.s. i'm not sure if i told you this before or not, but i was so happy to find your vegetarian blog since i'm veg. it's always nice to get fresh, new ideas!

  5. Now that is a cool picnic feast. And nothing wrong with shopbought pastry, anything to make life easier.

  6. Yummm that all looks so good!! Especially the goats cheese and onion tarts =)