Monday, 19 March 2012

Cup of Tea, Vicar?

I love tea, high tea, tea parties, everything to do with tea! It is so very British! It is a custom that I am very proud of and love to embrace. I have previously lived in York, which is very touristy their are so many different places to go for tea, including the original: Bettys. The small towns and villages near where I live now in Derbyshire also know a thing or two about hosting tea! I think it is a sociable thing to do with friends and I'd love to host my own tea parties with friends.

Cream Tea

I love scones and the best bit smothering them in jam and clotted cream! On this occasion a friend and I were sat in a cafe opposite York Minster enjoying this one afternoon. We thought the scones looked a little too perfect, as if they weren't homemade, but they were amazing, soft and perfectly made.

Hosting Tea

I like to host more casual tea, where people just drop around for tea and cake or biscuits! However, I have collected a fair amount of tea paraphernalia over the years and I would like to get this all out to host a larger tea party.

In my home county of Derbyshire there is an amazing chain of bakery's called Birds, which do fabulous bread and cakes. If you are ever in Derbyshire, find a Birds and go there! This is a cake from there that my Mum got for me, her and my sister to share on a special occasion.

You can't beat a good cup of tea!


  1. What a cute blog! I love tea. And the cake looks delicious.

  2. OOoh I am a coffee kind of girl, sorry. But i won't pass on the cake - yum.

  3. More tea Vicar? Yes please!

    Thanks for the tip about Birds, that cake makes me wish I was in Derbyshire! After reading that, I think I'm going to have to put the kettle on now :o)

  4. Poor grammar Zoe - wrong use of their/there, it should have been there and overuse of the word "friend". However I would love to join you at one of your tea parties , by the look of you in your profile I can tell that you have a smile that would light up the room! Let me know when you are thinking of hosting one and I would be honoured to attend. My mobile is 07894075731.