Monday, 12 March 2012

My Passion: Travelling

My biggest dream, over any other dream, is that I have wanted to travel and see all the world. I find the notion of being a traveller very romantic and as a child I used to dream of running away with the carnival. I am past the carnival bit now, but still the love and passion for travel is at my core. I love hearing stories of when others have managed to centre their lives around travel, even for a year or so, and wish that I could do that.

I've decided to make my passion my reality! To take a year off and to go backpacking around the world!

As you can see from the picture above, I have been doing reading around the subject of travelling and trying to get ideas and practical tips of how to make it happen. The Rough Guide book: 'First-Time Around the World' has been borrowed off a friend of mine and it has been absolutely brilliant for helping me make this big decision. This dream is also why my love of thrift has increased, although I always hope to keep my thrifty principles, these skills are very useful to learn so that I can save for this bigger goal.

I think it is easy to put off big decisions like this till 'the time is right' and to then never fulfil your dreams. Practically this isn't the most perfect time to go, I am just finishing university and could do with gaining some experience to kick-start my career. I've had some opposition from others, saying I may struggle to find work when I am back due to competing with new graduates, which may be true. However, I have this overwhelming feeling that if I don't do this now, I never will, because there is never an ideal time to take a year off work and additional commitments may make it seem like an impossible task in the future.

I am very much looking forward to the idea of living out of a rucksack, feeling very free, seeing new things and meeting new people. I hope that I can blog my way around the world too and also meet some international bloggers!

My rough plan is to keep it simple, flexible and stay places longer; I'm thinking of getting a round the world airplane ticket. I'd like to go to the USA (so any tips of where to visit will be greatly appreciated); I'd like to work/travel in Australia or New Zealand (recommendations of which would also be greatly appreciated) and then to go around South East Asia, which I am receiving a lot of advice from my close friend A as well as borrowing his travel book!

I'd love to hear what your dreams are? - I honestly believe you can make them reality with a bit of hard work!


  1. I am an avid traveller and think it's one of the most rewarding pursuits. You learn so much, being in new places and being independent. I think what you've proposed would work just in that order - visit a couple places in the states, go to Oz/NZ to go flatting and get a job and earn some more cash, and then from there do a trip around South East Asia. I live in NZ (Auckland) and have travelled to Australia. I think Sydney would be a good base for you, if you can get work there. Office work should suit your lifestyle. You might want to email a few temp agencies to see what the likelihood is of you finding work there. If not Sydney, then Melbourne. NZ might be too sleepy for you. It's the sort of place you come to if you're ready to have a family and settle down... Backpackers can be very dodgy and as a young woman safety is a big issue. Have you heard of It might be a safer option for you, taking a room in someone's home. As long as you go places where there are good reviews of the hosts you should be fine. New York is fantastic, and I love San Francisco... Another option for you would be to see America by working on an organic farm -

  2. Go for it! It is something I would love to do, but your right, other things get in the way if you let them.

    Don't listen to the nay-sayers about missing out on work experience. You can do lots of volunteering and working as you travel around; building up your CV, while doing something really interesting.

    Keep counting those pennies and you'll get there!! :o)

  3. How wonderful! I would love to travel more. I have been to places in europe and asia but would love to visit places longer. I feel like visiting only for a week or so just isn't enough time. LA, Chicago, and New York would be my go to spots for America :]

  4. I wish I could travel more. It's what I am most passionate about I love seeing new countries and cultures and trying new food and experiences. Go for it!!!!

  5. Oh, I dreamed about that too when I was a kid and I've always wanted to travel and to even be paid to do so ;D I'm planning to start small and be out for a month or so in Europe this summer :)

    Australia have holiday work programs if you're below 30, I highly suggest looking into that.

    I would also recommend because there you sleep on someone's couch or extra bed or even just get a tour of the town by a local. :)

    Best of luck!

  6. I will gladly give you tips of travel to Australia. You will not regret your choice! My dream is to travel to; Madagascar, Tibet, back to New York again, and Laos. (but really, the list is endless!)

  7. Great Blog. How wonderful! I would love to travel more.I wish I could travel more. It's what I am most passionate about I love seeing new countries and cultures and trying new food and experiences.
    Thanks for Posting.