Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ethical Brand: Muji

Muji is a great place where I have only just recently started shopping. Muji have a very simple and straightforward philosophy, which really resonates with me! Making great practical products for all of life's needs from clothing to furniture.

MUJI is not a brand. MUJI does not make products of individuality or fashion, nor does MUJI reflect the popularity of its name in its prices. MUJI creates products with a view toward global consumption of the future. This means that we do not create products that lure customers into believing that “this is best” or “I must have this.” We would like our customers to feel the rational sense of satisfaction that comes not with “This is best,” but with “this is enough.”. “Best” becomes “enough”.

I love this message- of non consumerism- which is unlike so many brands on the high street! It really embraces how I feel of wanting to strip down to the basics and live a simple life, rather than being surround by unnecessary luxury possessions. So many of us, me included, mistake what they actually need with what they want. This is a message which we could all take on board!

Reused Yarn Top

Cotton Scoop Neck Dress


  1. I absolutely love Muji. Their stationery is great and really functional-much as I like pretty stationery in some contexts, when it comes to basic pens, pencils and sketchbooks I feel a lot of companies go for fancy design over the practical elements. The same goes for all their products-their clothing is the perfect range of basics which you can wear again and again, which are not only attractive but COMFORTABLE! (so many shops seem to forget about comfort!) and their homewares and furniture are the kinds of things you would never get bored with or want to replace because they are so simple but brilliantly designed and made. The only issue I have with some of their stuff is the price, but then if you're not going to need to replace it every 5 minutes I suppose even that makes sense. When I own a home it will be almost entirely furnished with Muji products!

  2. An interesting concept. I have heard of them before but have never even checked out their website, heading over there now!

  3. this grey dress is cool ! ...would You like to follow each other ? just let me know :)