Monday, 1 October 2012

Guest Post: Polly @ Polly Frances Elizabeth

How To Have a Spectacular Staycation

Everyone loves holidays. They give us time to relax, explore, try something new, and get away from the stresses of daily life. But sadly, we can't all afford to get away. However, it is possible to get that holiday feeling, without even leaving your hometown! Here's how:

Go to a completely new place.  
When we travel abroad, or even to a different city, everything is new and fresh. That's part of the appeal. However long you have lived in your area, there will always be somewhere you haven't been yet. So seek out a new place, even if it's just a cafe you haven't tried yet, a park you've never walked through, or a road you've never been down.Visit your local museums and art galleries. Soaking up the culture is a big part of travelling, and many people like to visit museums and art galleries while on holiday. But it can be easy to overlook how much culture is on our doorstep when we're at home! A lot of cities offer free entry to museums for local residents, so go take a look-you could discover something fascinating.

Spend time with nature. 

Connecting with nature is a great way of recharging and relaxing, and it's something most people indulge in while on holiday. A walk through beautiful countryside, or even some time in the garden, can have the same effect. Take time to appreciate natural beauty such as wild flowers or butterflies. You will feel much more positive!

Eat out. 

Part of the relief you feel being on holiday is from not having to worry about cooking. Even eating out for one night will take the pressure off and make it easier to relax for a few hours, while also providing a bit of variety.

Wear your favourite clothes, or something you wouldn't normally wear. 

Often we save our favourite clothes for holidays, some people even buy a completely new wardrobe to take on holiday! We also tend to feel more confident while on holiday and so wear things which we wouldn't dare to at home. Throw caution to the wind and wear what you want to! Ban yourself from wearing your normal day to day clothes for a week, and only wear things which make you feel special and happy. 


For many people, a holiday is the only time they feel they can really indulge in reading. Take time out to read whatever you want, whether it's something trashy which you'd be ashamed to read normally, something you've always wanted to read but haven't got round to, or a stack of fashion magazines.

Go "nice" shopping. 

One of the joys of being on holiday is shopping for purely frivolous items, without having to worry about the weekly shop. It's also a time when you visit unusual shops which are unique to your location, and get quirky things which then bring back memories of your trip. So go "nice" shopping-avoid the normal high street shops, go to independent and unusual boutiques, and only buy things which you would consider a treat. I'm not suggesting you go crazy and bankrupt yourself, but a leisurely day of window shopping and buying a few choice items can work wonders.

Eat new foods. 

Holidays are a good time to try new types of food, by sampling the local cuisine. So re-create this at home by trying new food. Maybe you've never tried Thai, or Mexican, maybe there is a specific dish you've always wondered about but never plucked up the courage to eat. Give it a go!

Allow yourself treat foods. 

A holiday isn't a holiday without ice cream, and most people eat more "treat" foods while on holiday. So indulge in a delicious ice cream, a couple of cupcakes, a milkshake or a soda float.

Stop worrying. 

For one week, force yourself to stop worrying about bills, what other people think, the future.... Live your life as you would if none of these things were an issue. You'll be amazed at the difference, and it may even help you to make some permanent changes.

Above all, have fun!


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