Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Favourite Veggie Places on the East Coast (USA)

I have finally got around to blogging- yay! This has been a culmination of problems, including that I tried to post earlier but the hostel's computer wouldn't help me get my photos off my camera to post. Now I am officially in San Francisco, so I'd thought I'd do some reflective posts on my time on the East Coast starting with my favourite veggie restaurants that I visited. (Apologies in advanced for the photography- I don't have my good camera with me!)

Vegetarian Dim Sum House, New York
on 24 Pell Street in China Town

I visited the Vegetarian Dim Sum House last year and I was so impressed that I thought it deserved another visited! It is really good value and this little lot below, which was more than enough for one, came to less than $10 and included free green tea. All the food was absolutely delicious! I tried the fried mushroom dumplings in chili sauce (far left) for the first time and they were amazing! They do more than just Dim Sum though, with a whole menu of great veggie Chinese food!

Clover, Cambridge
at Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

This was a recommendation from a person I was staying with off CouchSurfing (more about how brilliant that organisation is later). It has a simple menu with different sandwiches- I opted for the Falafel Sandwich and Rosemary Fries. It was really fresh and so so tasty! The rosemary really added the fries and I loved all the funky different salads on the sandwich too. The place also had such character with a communal table and having your name shouted every time something was freshly made for you.

HipCityVeg, Philadelphia
by Rittenhouse Square (127 S.18th Street)

I discovered HipCityVeg by accident, as during my time in Philadelphia I fell in love with Rittenhouse Square and wanted to sit and eat my lunch there. I went in to ask about vegetarian options and it turned out all the food is 100% Vegan. As I was in Philly, the home of the infamous Philly Cheese Steak, I thought I'd opt for the Philly "Steak" Sandwich. They also did Sweet Potato Fries, which looked great but the sandwich was so big it was more than enough on its own! It was such a delicious sandwich, packed with flavours from the mushrooms, onions and fresh tomato ketchup. The inside is small, but go eat on Rittenhouse Square, it's really beautiful and interesting!

Afterwards, go get some Yogorino, the tastiest frozen yoghurt I have ever tried with delicious toppings!

Toscanini's, Cambridge
889 Main Street, Cambridge, MA

So this is an ice cream place, I don't think they do vegan options, but they do they best homemade ice cream and apparently very good espresso. Toscanini's was another recommendation from the CouchSurfing Host I was staying with. The ice cream is made right there and they have some really interesting flavours. I opted for a Sundae with Mocha ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge sauce and nuts- it was really indulgent and delicious.