Friday, 27 February 2009

Vegetarian Alcohol

Although a lot of people do know which beers and wines are vegetarian, or stick to a couple they know are, I think it is good to have a comprehensive understanding and list. Alcohol can contain many things which make it not vegetarian, such as: gelatin, isinglass and casein.

As a vegetarian I have found Veggie Wines a really helpful tool. It tells you all about what can make alcohol not vegetarian and then also has up-to-date listings of popular and supermarket brand beers, wines and spirits and whether or not they are vegetarian. It is a fantastic resource, so get revising your vegetarian alcohol so that you don't get caught out down the pub!


  1. From past experience, Vegan alcohol (especially wine) is hard to obtain information about.

    Still, there is a fair bit of choice available when it comes to ones allowed.

  2. Yeah, I tend to stick to popular drinks that I know are ok but I struggle with wine, especially in restaurants off a wine menu. Would be better if they had clearer labelling.

  3. It actually came down to me and my ex e-mailing a few wine companies to get the 'extra' ingredients, tedious to say the least.

    I don't know why I've taken such an interest in a Vege Blog, but hey, stuff to do on my day off. ^^

  4. Well I'm glad you have lol nice to think of someone reading it!