Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Second Hand, Vintage, Swapping...

Yes, I am talking about clothes! I have to say that I do have a passion for shopping and buying clothes but I am turning to more ethical and environmentally friendly ways of getting my fix!

Lately a lot of my purchases have been second hand or vintage. This is kinder to the environment as things are being reused rather than thrown away and it means you can share the items carbon footprint with its previous owners! Swapping is basically the same principle!

Second Hand Clothing
I tend to nip into charity shops whenever I walk past one! However, I have found that you can get better finds in charity shops in more affluent areas, but don't right off the other ones! If you like to browse online then Oxfam have got there own online shop.
I particularly love charity shopping because it feels so much better than going to a high street shop. When you have routed and found something fantastic for so cheap, you feel a real sense of achievement!

Vintage Clothing
I am a huge fan of buying vintage because I like the individual look of it. My favourite place to go vintage shopping is London because there is so much available! Two of my favourite shops are Rokit and Beyond Retro. When I can't go to London shopping though I like to browse Rokit's online shop.

Clothes Swapping
This is not something that I have taken part in yet, but I have been browsing and I am very excited about starting! You can clothes swap with your friends or even turn it into a party where everyone brings their unwanted items. There is also the option though of clothes swapping online. Whats Mine is Yours seems to be a fantastic website with loads on offer. It is free to join and use, you post items that you want to swap and also can look at what others want to swap. The only thing you have to pay for is the postage and packaging of the item your sending.

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