Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Joys of Baking

I have never really cared for baking and until a few weeks ago I had only ever made 2 cakes. One for a leaving school party when I was 16 and one with my friend when I was 14 which turned out to be more of a birthday chocolate biscuit.

In the last 2 weeks though there have been 3 special occasions: two close friends birthdays and my sister passed her GCSE's and as I have had the time I decided I'd have a go at making them cakes rather than getting them a shop-bought one.

I struggled a little with the first cake that I made (a chocolate cake with white chocolate icing) but after that I really got into it and realised it was actually really simple, cheap and fun! I made 13 little fairy cakes (one for each GCSE) for my sister with her grades on and then a jam and butter cream cake with icing. I will now never revert back to buying cake again. They may not be as perfect looking but they are just as tasty and I feel that it is so much more special when you've put a bit of effort in!

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