Thursday, 10 June 2010

Convenience Food: Sainsbury's

After seeing some small pots of vegetarian curry's I thought I would give them a go for a lovely easy tea. (Sorry about the presentation, we really were going for flavour rather than how they looked!)

We picked up from Sainbury's a mushroom rice, a dhal, Bombay potatoes, aloo saag, chapattis, bhajis, some poppadoms with Mango and Lime Chutneys, and then some exotic fruit to finish off the meal. Although the individual items were reasonably priced, the cost of the meal soon added up.

Most of it was very yummy, although we didn't much like the dhal, however, we wouldn't buy it again. Although it was lovely to try, when we added it up we could have just as easily had a nice Indian takeaway or even better and cheaper, made it ourselves.

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