Thursday, 22 July 2010


I seem to have quite a lot of pictures of meals that me and RB have had and I've not really known what to do with them. But now that I have enough here I thought I would put them together in a blog. Me and RB are both foodies and love nothing more than cooking together (or for each other) and sitting down to a wonderful meal!

This is a picnic inspired meal on my old uni bed. It was a very hot summers afternoon and we had Broccoli and Tomato Quiche (which we both agree is the best quiche ever made!), some boiled new potatoes, a simple salad and two prepared salads from the supermarket (coleslaw and fruit & nut).

This is a Sunday roast that I have blogged about before on a fold away table that I got for my room at halls. I got it because I like to eat at the table but the shared kitchen was often too smelly and dirty to enjoy a meal. I love good buttered bloomer bread with Sunday dinner to mop up the gravy afterwards.

Yummy breakfast at my fold away table! We've got porridge oats with yoghurt, milk, honey, dried fruit, then toast with lots of different preserves including: jam, marmalade, peanut butter and marmite. Topped off with a pot of tea in my lovely tea pot, you can't beat a spot of tea!

Rubbish phone pic (need to start carrying a camera about more!) This is the oddest tapas I've ever had but it was yummers! RB put together a simple salad with salad leaves and tomatoes, an asparagus and egg salad, sweet potato puree, hummus, vegetarian dippers and falafels, tomato soup, tortilla chips, cheese and mango & BBQ dip. Very obscure I know. I think we were struggling to decide what to have but it was a lovely meal.

This was a rare occasion where the shared kitchen at uni was actually tidy! RB and I got up late and decided to have a leisurely Sunday brunch. In the dish is on of my favourite dishes: roasted vegetables (usually onions, mushrooms, courgettes and tomatoes) with veggie sausages on top. To compliment this we have some fried eggs and toast. Also have some grapefruit in juice and lovely jams (a present off my Gran from France) to go on any leftover toast. Yet again, a brilliant pot of breakfast tea!

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