Saturday, 7 August 2010

Chocolate Nut Protein Flapjacks!

This is another go at protein flapjack bars for RB to take to the gym. We had chocolate protein powder this time so decided to make them nutty! Nuts are also a good source of protein as well, so hopefully will add to the value of the flapjacks. This is the recipe written up in my recipe book! I didn't put in the amount of peanut butter, as it is to your liking really, but we used 2 tbsp.

As you can see below, we decided to put the nuts on top and press them down into the mixture.

I did over bake this batch slightly, so they look a little burnt on the edges but they don't taste it and they are a little crumbly, so make sure you keep a better eye on them so you have nice moist flapjacks!

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