Friday, 6 August 2010

Organic Vegetable Curry

This is the first thing that I have made with my new organic veg box. An organic vegetable curry using the potatoes, carrots, courgettes and onions out of my box. I also added in some mixed beans and quorn pieces for added protein. I used a prepared sauce for ease as it was quite a late night dinner, but added in some more of my own garlic, ginger and chili, as I find prepared sauces aren't usually strong enough for me.


  1. that looks delicious! I will have to check by your blog regularly - I also don't eat meat and am always looking for good recipes. we have a vegbox service available in our area too, but I find I prefer to go to the markets every weekend and pick out my own fruit and veg. :)

  2. There's quite a few recipes if you check my Food + Drink posts. Thats something I'd like to also do, but I'm really busy and travelling loads lately for work. When it settles down I think I'll have a try at going to the farmers market xx